Glider Logging and Member Information System


This system, plus the Sage accounting package, replaced the existing accounting system on 1 January 2014. It provides access to a member's account details, the information held by the Club about the member, and the flight log (derived from the paper log sheets), which can be displayed and analysed in various ways. Flight logs from the previous system can also be viewed and analysed, but appear in essentially the same format as before, and you have to view details for 2014 onwards or for 2011-2013 as separate groups.

If you have problems with the system, or suggestions for changes, please jot them down and give them to the office.

The system was developed using the Google Chrome browser, but it displays satisfactorily on current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If it doesn't display correctly on your machine, either update to the latest version of whatever browser you are using, or download Chrome.